Help Empower the TAC Network

All operations of TAC require user engagement and the best way to engage is to become part of the network.

Becoming a node operator is the fastest way to get engaged while maximizing TAC rewards.

This is the future of Advertising.

Block Time

A new block is mined an average of every 10 seconds.

Block Rewards

Every new block mined produces a reward of TAC coins.

Reward Votes

Currently votes to increase and votes to decrease the block rewards.


100,000 TAC coins were premined for the purpose of node operations.

Current Distribution

TAC have been distributed excluding the premine.

Operational Cost

TAC mining requires your mining wallet to hold 1000 TAC at all times.

Mining Protocol

TAC is a modified waves clone and uses the LPoS mining protocol.

Current Block Height

The current blockchain height (the last block mined) is .

Cloud Mining

A java based miner makes cloud mining and desktop mining simple.